What Goes Into POP Display Design

POP display design has the sole purpose of grabbing attention.

To accomplish this requires experience, talent, and an understanding of human nature. POP display design requires clean, powerful yet well-integrated branding messages. These messages are best communicated using features such as electronics for sound, video loops, or motion sensors.

To garner riveted attention from lingering shoppers, the display needs to focus on interaction. Engagement through interaction will trigger greater learning, appreciation, and product knowledge. Truly effective display designs feature logos utilizing unique branding that effectively inform shoppers within a glance.

Effective POP Display Design Captures the Attention of Passing Shoppers

Designing a point-of-sale display means focusing on engagement
with the buyer. This is best accomplished by using video
advertising players, informational graphics, flip books, catalogs, and brochures.

When working to inspire customers to pick up, press a switch, or view videos and educational presentations – you must trigger a stop from those walking-by shoppers. The goal is to trigger the potential buyer to touch any aspect of your point-of-sale display.

Avante offers the ability to focus your display design in order to deliver inspired excellence. As much as a 300 percent increase in point of sale display results have been realized when using the interactive and electronic features worked into the designs of your display.

The Effectiveness of a User-Friendly Experience

Careful consideration about user experience presents information critical to preventing over-informing or overwhelming of your potential buyers. This is also true for clumsy designs. Never create a difficult-to-handle or operate display center design.

Written materials are placed at a general adult eye-level height to be quickly seen by passers by. Your point-of-sale display design should also inspire at a glance. Colors, shapes, and messaging all need to speak to powerful sub-conscious appeals.

Great display designers will put into the design process all of the determining factors required to support the most intriguing method of capturing shopper attention.

Every POP display design works like a silent salesman. They are designed specifically for the space and store theme they will occupy. The display works constantly to increase your income—sometimes dramatically. It happens without recurring cost.

What Avante Puts Into Creating Ideal POP Display Designs

Attractive, effective POP display designs are found in stores all across North America. Floor units, attractive counter top exhibits—all of the options are obtainable through our award-winning in-house design team. You can receive a remarkable POP display design that shoppers won’t be able to simply walk by:

  • Once your business needs are understood, we offer dynamic solutions
  • We create computer 3D renderings by utilizing your product’s graphics
  • We then construct a working prototype for field testing, presenting to clients, or taking to trade shows, etc
  • Next, we make all needed adjustments
  • After you give your approval – we move on to production
  • Floor displays can cost under $200
  • Utilizing in-house design, printing, and manufacturing—all costs are less
  • Flat-packed in courier-friendly cartons, we are committed to keeping your shipping costs down

Few manufacturers are able to offer award-winning one-stop shopping and full-service from design to delivery. Avante delivers only excellence in the POP display design market. We streamline your process for lowest-cost delivery of the highest-quality displays.

Point of Purchase Displays for Simplicity, Interest, and Sales

At Avante Kiosks, we are market-driving, standard-setting leaders. We provide coaching when necessary and go above and beyond just design and manufacturing for every project undertaken.

If you are in need of an all-in-one POP display package design, visit us here or give us a call today at (877) 601-9944.

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