What Goes Into Making Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Creating the ideal POP Display needs to be worth the time and investment. This process can be both daunting and disappointing if there isn’t the right design, materials, or message.

Every Point of Purchase display is a silent salesman. The display works around the clock while increasing your income—sometimes dramatically. And it happens with no recurring costs.

Surveys have shown that store sales have registered up to 65% increases in sales when high-quality POP designs and materials are utilized. Eye-popping exhibits need to capture the full interest of passing shoppers.

How We Create Your Ideal Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Avante offers high-quality design, manufacturing, and direct shipping with no up-front costs or development charges.

Our attractive, effective POP displays are seen in stores throughout North America – floor units, end-caps, wall mounted advertising or attractive counter top exhibits. Our award-winning in-house design team creates remarkable POP displays that shoppers won’t miss.

  • Once we understand your business needs and budget, we offer you the best possible solution.
  • We design & create a computerized 3D rendering of you display, utilizing your product graphics.
  • We then build a working prototype that you can field test, present to clients, take to trade shows etc.
  • Next, any needed adjustments are made.
  • After approval we proceed to production.
  • Most floor displays cost under $200.
  • With in-house design, manufacturing and printing—all costs are reduced.
  • We flat-pack in courier-friendly cartons to keep your shipping costs minimal.

Few manufacturers offer the same one stop shop – design to delivery full service.

Avante has been delivering excellence in the POP display market for decades. This deep experience is why and how we have discovered the best way to streamline your process for lowest cost delivery of the highest-quality displays available today.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays made for Simplicity, Interest and Sales Power

Avante was founded by craftsmen raised in the retail environment. This immersion in the market brings production creativity and excellence that builds brands and sells products quickly.

Today we are recognized as market-driving, standard-setting leaders. We have won many international design-quality awards and patents along with many well-respected clients. This is because we don’t just deliver the basic requirements, we provide coaching when necessary and go above and beyond for every project we undertake.

If you are in need of an all-in-one POP display package, we are completely committed to serving you. For more information about Avante – visit us here at our educational web-center, or simply give us a call today:

Phone: 1-877-407-8655
Email: [chimera_framework_email_protect user_name=”salesadmin” domain_name=”avantekiosks.com”] or click here to request a copy of our brochure.



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