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Acrylic PoP Displays

Acrylic PoP displays can be one of the most effective tools in driving your retail sales. Businesses in almost every market are utilizing these beacons of versatility to secure prime retail placements and get their product in front of more eyes. Adding an acrylic PoP display to your retail marketing strategy is one of the best business decisions that you can make for your brand.

Why choose acrylic?

Versatility: Acrylic can be formed into whatever shape your vision requires. The experts at Avante can bend, mold or laser cut the acrylic to fit whatever needs you have for your product. We can manufacture display cases, fixtures, trays, or even podiums.

A transparent blank slate: The sheet of raw acrylic is a blank slate for the creative minds at Avante. We can apply any graphics you require, or even leave it blank, which is perfect for secured display cases.

Durable and anti-aging: A custom acrylic PoP display is built to stand the test of time! Our displays are designed with the harsh realities of retail life in mind. Acrylic won’t age or rust like metal or cardboard, so this will keep your reorders and your costs down. They’re also easy to maintain! Simply wipe down and dust the display as it accumulates dirt to keep the display and your product looking fresh.

Lightweight: The relatively lightweight nature of an acrylic display keeps your retailers and their employees happy, as well as keeps your costs down when it comes time to ship. This makes an acrylic countertop display a great alternative to a wooden display. Want something lightweight and longer lasting than cardboard? Acrylic is the material for you!

It looks great: The most important aspect of a custom acrylic display is that it looks great! This crisp and clean display will drive sales higher than ever and secure you the ultimate prime placement with your retail partners. This is especially useful when approaching high-class establishments like beauty salons, clothing boutiques, and jewelry stores.

Why choose Avante?

  • Avante PoP Displays is a leading manufacturer of Acrylic PoP displays in North America. We have an exceptional creative design team with first-hand retail experience.
  • One-stop shop saves you time and money! Everything from the design and printing to the manufacturing and shipping is done in-house! You can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of by the team at Avante.
  • Countless displays made by Avante can be found in stores across North America. We are trusted by retailers and brands when it comes to delivering value and quality.
  • Our displays are eye-catching and will draw customers to your products, driving your sales up and your costs down.
  • Displays are shipped flat-packed, courier-friendly, and factory direct to keep your costs down.

Avante PoP Displays has been serving the industry with exceptional point-of-purchase displays and unrivaled customer service since 1989. Our customers are assured top-quality displays that create a genuine connection with shoppers. Call toll-free 1-877-407-8655, request a custom quote, or request our instant brochure today for more information about acrylic PoP displays.