Custom Digital POP Signage Which Will LOO60 BACKCapture Your
Customers’ Attention

Studies have shown that digital POP signage provides more than ten times the eye-capture of conventional signage!

Digital POP Signage is a growing phenomenon in all marketplaces where digital point-of-sale information has replaced traditional marketing materials.

Digital Media Displays feature high quality LCD panels with built in speakers and a motion sensor making them ideal for retail display applications.

Avante POP Displays provides 100% plug-and-play custom digital POP signage solutions which leading retailers use to deliver messaging to their customers where it matters most: right at the point-of-purchase.

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  • Content displayed on digital signage screens range from simple text and still images to full-motion video
  • Available in display size of 7” to 32”
  • Standalone media players can operate without human intervention
  • Requires an electric plug – no connection to a PC or a network is required
  • Auto on/off or when motion is detected
  • Uses standard program media (compact flash / xd / memory stick etc)

Why Consider Avante POP Displays for Your Digital POP Signage?

In House Design: We at Avante are what we are because of our team, and the first measure of our success is in our design team that inevitably is the envy of the industry. Our designers have been hand selected for artistry and design skills that simply allow us to begin the manufacturing process with the most polished overall design concept around. Translating two decades worth of conventional marketing skills to the digital signage is simply a matter of producing hard hitting, eye-capturing message into the most impactful displays — digital POP displays

In-House Production: Production is often overlooked in this industry. Anyone with experience will tell you that the durability and value of display is not solely in the design. Production quality means the world when you’re dressing your signage for lasting results. Imagine choosing an outfit for your top salesperson to wear to every meeting over the next two to five years. Imagine the importance of this selection in terms of overall performance. Everything from polish to wear and tear must be considered… and our signage is built with both polish and lasting performance in mind.

Digital POP SignageEco-Friendly Materials: The environment matters to us for a number of reasons, and for this reason we do everything we can to create our displays with the environment in mind. Our production team stays abreast of the eco trends in order to remain an efficient, responsible, cost effective manufacturer.

Industry-Leading Performance: We at Avante realize that nothing matters more than your bottom line, and performance is what our digital signage design is all about. We continue to outperform our competitors by a large margin, and we will do whatever is necessary to remain well ahead of the pack….

“We were all amazed at your creativity – remember that we sent you a few product samples and you came up with a new display from scratch.

Our sales increased by over 300% in the 6 months after the new displays were placed in the stores.

Three years and 4 ingenious POP displays later and we are known for the most appealing and functional displays in the industry. Thank you for your laser fast response, reliability, excellent quality, and for being a secret to our explosive growth over the past few years.”

– Brian Birch, COO

Success stories are the driving force behind our company. Driving your sales team forward is our goal from day one. Digital signage has given Avante another format to incorporate into message, and this high-impact vehicle is continuing to astonish our clients who’ve chosen this hard-hitting format.

Save Time and Money

You also can receive the following as optional services to save you time and money on your next promotion.

  • provide you with a quality SD card
  • transfer of the media to the SD card
  • installation of the card under the screwed down security cover
  • testing of the card in the media player to ensure proper operation to ensure it is plug and play for the retailer
  • the player can usually be packaged within the display carton making one less carton to ship and saving shipping costs

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