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Sell up to 28% more with Digital Signage.


Studies have shown that digital POP signage provides more than ten times the eye-capture of conventional signage!

Avante POP Displays provides 100% plug-and-play custom digital POP signage solutions which leading retailers use to deliver messages to their customers where it matters most: right at the point-of-purchase.

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  • Commercial duty media players designed for 24-7 service in harsh retail environments
  • Motion sensing to attract attention on startup 
  • Plays your looping video or you can add a touchscreen  
  • Your video loaded and installed on a supplied media card with Avante’s included “Turn Key” service
  • Backed up with a 1-year limited warranty 

Turn-Key Media Player Service Package 

By purchasing your media players through Avante we take all of the hassle out of the process by offering one price, TURN KEY service solution, which includes:

  1. Pre-loading and formatting your media on to a 4GB SD memory card supplied by us.
  2. Un-packaging the media player and installing the memory card under a screwed on security panel, to prevent theft or tampering.
  3. Testing that your media plays correctly and checking all setting are correct. 
  4. Re-packaging your media player securely with your displays for cost-effective shipping.
  5. Free 1 year warranty backed directly by Avante.



Avante Customer Testimonial:  

“We’ve built our retail presence over the past 10 years having Avante Displays design and manufacture our retail pop displays. At one point we thought we could save costs by sourcing our displays from China. We found out in a hurry that with the significant decline in quality and service it just wasn’t worth the minimal cost savings. With Avante’s value engineering, their knowledge of the American market and the “one-stop shop” approach, there’s no reason to go offshore. It’s just not worth it.” 

“Working with the team at Avante Displays over the years has proven to be a boon for our sales figures. With the ability to combine years of in-store marketing expertise with their value engineered design process we have consistently shown 300 percent sales increases… and yes we have figures to verify this.”

Troy Holland, Marketing Director
Stander Inc.

Success stories are the driving force behind our company. Driving your sales team forward is our goal from day one. Digital signage has given Avante another format to incorporate into the message, and this high-impact vehicle is continuing to astonish our clients who’ve chosen this hard-hitting format.

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