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Custom POP Displays

Custom POP displays are the silent salesmen that work round-the-clock to increase your revenue significantly and without any recurring costs. *Research shows that store sales can register as much as a 65% increase when quality point of purchase materials are used.  All you need is an eye-catching exhibit that captures the attention of your customers.

  • Factory Direct reduces your cost
  • Low minimums
  • Design, manufacturing and printing done all in-house eliminating hassles making Avante your one stop for custom point of purchase displays
  • Displays are all flat packed in courier friendly cartons to keep shipping cost at a minimum

Avante POP Displays is an established manufacturer of Custom POP displays offering quality design, manufacturing and factory-direct purchasing with no start-up costs or developmental charges.  Our attractive custom POP display materials can be seen in stores all across North America. Whether it is a floor unit, end cap or an attractive counter top exhibit, our award-winning in-house design team will create a stunning custom POP display that your customers simply can’t ignore.

  • We make the effort to understand your business needs and recommend the best solution
  • Design and create a computerized 3D rendering, complete with your graphics and product images
  • Manufacture a working prototype, to field test your products
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the prototype
  • Move forward with production

From giftware to home improvement and pet products, we have varied market experience.  We love a challenge! Our custom POP display units have helped hundreds of marketers and retailers sell, sell, sell!

Buy factory direct Point of Purchase displays from Avante POP Displays to reduce cost and enhance your bottom line.

Call toll free 1-877-407-8655 or request our instant brochure to learn more about our outstanding Point of Purchase displays.

Custom POP Displays: What You Need, When You Need It!

Market *research reveals that custom POP display’s offer a 2:1 advantage over standard materials.  An in-store analysis performed by PCi, found that custom POP displays delivered a 28% sales lift, while standard materials generated a 13% lift.  These results were consistent across multiple materials and messages.

Avante POP Displays custom designs, manufactures and distributes Point of Sale displays direct from our factory.  We have worked with many well-known companies including Dish Network, Molson’s Brewery, Maytag/Crosley Appliances, JVC Electronics, Watkins, Body Glove, National Geographic, LG and many others.

The Avante POP Display advantage for your Custom POP Displays:

  • Custom designs of award winning quality to increase your sales
  • Unique shapes, high quality digital imaging (with fade and waterproof resistance) and sustainable material choices set you apart from the competition
  • Interactive marketing displays that speak to your customer
  • Branding your unit with full side graphics to prevent “display hijacking”
  • Competitive pricing

Michael Moss, Marketing Manager, HS Foods was very pleased with our work and said, “Over the past year, I have had some very special and customized requests for Avante Kiosks. Their skill set and attitude to succeed have combined with their creativity and ingenuity to meet each of the challenges that we’ve brought before them. Our POP displays look great and are always on time. I have come to depend on AVANTE’s skills and excellent service. I can always count on this company to provide what I need, when I need it, with the special touch they always provide.”

Our team of creative designers will work with you to achieve an attractive point of purchase display with custom branding specific to your products and target audience.

Call 1-877-407-8655, request a custom quote or request our instant brochure today for information about custom designed Point of Purchase displays.

Source: In-Store Advertising Becomes a Measured Medium: Convenience Stores ©2003, POPAI