Retail Countertop Displays That Get The Consumer To Take Action

Point-of-sale advertising positioned to catch the attention of the shoppers that are waiting in line is extremely effective for last minute sales success.

The best way to accomplish this is through the use of retail countertop displays.

Waiting shoppers will very often make last-minute buying decisions and your display positioning is critical. Here are the top 5 things to consider if you want retail countertop displays that get the consumer interested and ready to take action.

1) Eye Catching Attractiveness

Appeal to the human eye with effective design. Clean and fresh colors that are attractive to the consumer will get them engaged and curious about the display. Strategic placement of words, images, and logos strengthens the consumer’s connection to the display.  You must be careful not confused or overwhelm potential buyers by using unsightly images, fonts or colors.

2) Location, Location, Location

Countertop space is a premium and not always readily available in retail stores.

Because the competition is fierce, retailers will seek the most innovative and interesting designs. Their main aim is to sell product, so it is critical that your display will be able to catch the eye of last-minute (impulse) buyers.

Permanent countertop displays offer many advantages when trying  to secure a great location.  Not only are they are more aesthetically pleasing to customers, they offer a stronger brand presence and are more likely to be restocked than a disposable corrugate display.

3) Textual or Video Sales Information

Interactive media or prominent graphics are extremely effective on retail countertop displays. You will never have to worry about a store re-purposing your display.

When the graphics, text, and video designs are of exceptional quality and very brand specific, the sheer visual effectiveness of the display itself motivates retailers to keep it stocked and centrally located.

4) The Ability to Study Your Product While Waiting in Line

A well designed custom retail countertop display can easily hold a good selection of your product line.

It is important to maximize the amount of product and text that is visible to shoppers, as the more information they have the more likely they are to make a purchase. Using cheaper cardboard or plastic materials can cause retailers to become nervous and less likely to keep the display up-front.

5) Convenience for Purchase of Product

Given the limited counter space available in many retail locations, store managers want that space to be used effectively because it makes them money.

If your countertop display case presents fascinating visuals and easy access to the idle waiting shopper they are much more likely to make a purchase – it’s a win-win for you and the retailer.

Avante will put these tools in action for you

Choosing to make use of the design teams at Avante means that your retail counter-top design will be fresh and exciting. If you would like to see some sample of concepts – just click here to view our online portfolio.

Our seasoned experts know exactly how to capture ongoing attention, which is key to increasing point-of-purchase sales.

Avante countertop displays are sought by those who understand the value of dynamic interactive exchanges because this is what transforms into real-time purchases.

For more information please contact Avante Displays.
Phone: 1-877-407-8655
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