What Can A Slatwall PoP Display Do For My Brand?

Let’s start by asking the simple question: what is a slatwall PoP display?

Slatwall is most often MDF with horizontal grooves used in retail merchandising to allow for the placement of hooks or shelves into the wall. A slatwall display utilizes this material to enhance the point of purchase display, granting it the same features. Alternatively, a slatwall PoP display can simply be a display that is mounted onto the slatwall.

Why choose a slatwall PoP display?

One of the best things about using a display that is mounted on slatwall is its readability. Mounting your brand on the wall brings it away from the clutter of the retail floor and up to above eye level where consumers can easily see it without having to pick it out of the crowd of other messages and products. Isolating your brand like this is a great way to build top-of-mind awareness and customer engagement. Of course, this particular strategy doesn’t include showcasing your product, only your brand, so let’s get down onto the retail floor and talk about how a slatwall display can sell your product.

A custom slatwall point-of-purchase display grants complete horizontal flexibility for your brand’s merchandising needs. This high level of utility and versatility means that it can be the right choice no matter what kind of product you have. If you are mounting the display on the wall, this is a great way to get your product into those particularly crowded retailers as they likely have a cluttered floor, but unused wall space. This is definitely something to discuss with your potential retail partners. The slatwall can also be used on either countertop or floor displays, once again giving you options to present to your retailers; this will help you secure more partners and in turn sell more of your product! You can also design the display specific to your brand’s needs and customize the user experience. Let’s face it: customers aren’t going to engage with a product that they can’t easily access. With the myriad potential uses for the slatwall, including hooks, shelves, brackets, bins, or even signs, they are few limitations to what you can achieve!

Why trust Avante with your slatwall PoP project?

All of our displays are custom designed to your vision. This means that we can build the more classic 5/8 inch board, or for a lighter weight option, we can do a 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch slatwall build. If you want to be really special, we can even build your display out of acrylic and laser cut the slots into the design so that hooks or pegs will fit perfectly inside. This will give your display an elegant look that is great for those high-end retailers who want something fancy.

Avante also keeps every part of the process in-house! This means that we can customize the design and manufacturing of the slatwall to your specific needs, as well as graphic the panel as requested.

Call Avante at 877-407-8655 to understand why hundreds of brands trust us to bring their PoP dreams to life!



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