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Avante POP Displays: The Environmentally Friendly Display Manufacturer

Did you know that Avante strives to be friendly to the environment? Our entire business model is built around reducing our impact on the environment!

From the moment that an inquiry comes through our sales office to the day, the order leaves our facility, the entire process is done in-house. This means that we are not shipping materials all over the continent, nor do we have our sales force adding carbon emissions by driving around to meet with prospects. Keeping everything on-site allows us to reduce our contribution to greenhouse gasses.

Once we reach that final point where it is time to ship, our displays are packaged flat-packed and courier friendly. What does this mean? it means that we are focused on only shipping what we need to ship and keeping the number of trucks going in and out of our warehouse to a minimum. Not only does this keep the cost to our customers low, but it helps in keeping the cost to the environment down as well.

Avante POP Displays takes pride in the custom permanent displays in which we specialize. While we primarily work with wood for our displays, we have actually made a model that only utilizes wood waste that comes together for the engineered wood that will eventually become your next display. This means that we do not contribute to deforestation or logging as all of our wood is recycled.

What about cardboard or temporary displays, you may ask. Well, we don’t do that. We focus our expertise and permanent displays only, and we do it right! Unlike a cardboard display, our permanent wooden displays will last several years as opposed to only a few months. This means low re-orders, and even more importantly, fewer discarded displays. Our units will last longer in the fickle and harsh reality of retail life, extending the lifespan and exposure of your brand and keeping materials from needing to be processed and recycled over and over again.

So, why choose Avante for your next display project? Because we are experts who care about your brand’s success and the life of the planet too!