The Latest Trends in Point of Sale Advertising and Why You Should Use Them Now

Avante is constantly reviewing the newest approaches to point of sale advertising.

The focus has always been about enhanced customer experience, and this continues to influence the development of the new approaches to increased sales.

New Trends for Customized and Individualized POS Advertising That You Can Use Now

Motion Sensors: Electronic motion sensors are utilized to respect shoppers by only triggering the sales conversation when people are standing near your POP display. Movement activates the sales pitch, which should use dynamic wording designed specifically to attract curiosity for your products.

Digital Display Screens: Point-of-sale advertising design experts utilize powerful, effective colors and advertising images that are digitally communicated on a display screen. This is integrated into your POP kiosk in a manner that draws attention, curiosity, and interaction with other display features.

Integrated Designs: Award-winning design teams use combinations of electronic and graphics media to deliver a powerful communication dynamic that inspires sales through interaction, education, and ease of purchase options. With new advances in point-of-sale technology, impulse purchases are on the rise and kiosk display designers are finding dramatically motivating combinations for today’s integrated technologies.

Enhancements to Social Integration of Media: Some POS systems have providers who are finding ways to tie into more social media platforms, while obtaining in-depth information about customers. This allows them to improve marketing and promotion abilities. It also increases sales as well as repeat visits or purchases.

Avante Will Help You Utilize These Trends And Raise Your Sales

At Avante, you are getting a team of experts who have been following the progression of point-of-sale technology while leading the field in point-of-purchase display sales using dynamic design and highly-effective sales approaches.

As technology becomes more integrated and fine-tuned to customer preferences – Avante stays on top of the newest developments and focuses on how to best apply this technology to the point of sale advertising approach.

Avante has been leading the innovation trends for point of sale advertising and sales increases for decades. Contact us now for more ideas and approaches to dramatic point-of-sale success for your business today.

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