How Permanent Custom Retail Displays Increase Your ROI

Permanent custom retail displays have been proven to consistently out-perform standard store racks and shelving with significant increases in sales.

Here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. Better In-Store Real-Estate.

Without a permanent custom retail display, you don’t have as much control over where your products will be located. Your product line can easily get mixed in with competing brands, making it easy for consumers to brush right past. With a permanent custom retail display, there are no missed opportunities. Display will typically be placed on the end of the aisle or in the centre of a department section, so your products will really stand alone. Many retailers even put displays right in the front of the store near to the check-out because they add to the ambiance of the store. With more interaction in these high traffic areas with sales will naturally increase.

2. Building Brand Recognition

Positioning yourself strongly in your market is invaluable to future sales.  If consumers are unfamiliar with your products a permanent custom retail display is a great way to call attention to your brand.  If your products are already well established permanent displays can help to reinforce your brand and keep it fresh in the minds of your consumers.

3. More Influence over the Buying Process.

Permanent custom retail displays provide an ideal platform for you to better educate consumers about your products, which can seriously influence their decision on whether or not to buy.  Graphics, brochure holders or media players that are not available on standard shelving or racks go a long way towards inspiring the consumer and giving them the confidence to take their buying process to the next level.

4. Long Shelf Life.

Permanent displays will not need to be replaced in the short term, with many having a shelf life of three years or more. Initial per unit costs may be expensive but this will be amortised over a longer period.  The longevity of permanent displays also helps to encourage re-orders unlike corrugate displays, which are often disposed of as soon as they are empty.

5. Retailers Love Them.

Well-designed custom displays help the retailer to more easily control inventory, allowing products to be properly merchandised for maximum sales potential. Permanent displays are also much more esthetically pleasing, which increases your chance of optimum placement in-store.

Permanent custom retail displays will increase your profits and provide long-lasting brand recognition. Sales will naturally rise because of increased exposure and consumer interaction with your products. Your return on investment is quickly realised through a steady positive cash-flow, which provides you with the much needed capital to secure new retailers and grow your business.

Avante will help you to design the right permanent display that perfectly represents your brand.

For more information please contact Avante Manufacturing

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