Measuring ROI of Custom PoP Displays

measuring roi of custom pop displays
Measuring ROI of Custom PoP displays

The majority of brand marketers view retail displays as ‘cost’ rather than an ‘investment’.  Thinking this way often results in an under-investment in displays as companies seek to cut costs and minimize expenses.  However, viewing a custom PoP displays as an investment will result in better business decision-making. The old adage ‘One must spend money to make money’ is so true. Imagine launching a new product or service and not utilizing advertising to get the word out! This is where Avante can help you in measuring ROI of custom PoP displays.

Think of visibility and content as two separate drivers of in-store success.  To drive sales, you must optimize both creative execution and store placement.

So Why Spend Money on a Permanent, Custom PoP Display?

  • Gain store placement that may not be possible without a display
  • Create identity and awareness for your brand
  • Encourage shoppers to focus on your product rather than the competition
  • Incorporate permanent graphics and your company logo to prevent ‘display hijacking’  (NO competitor’s products on your display)
  • Value engineered to fit your product line

We have all walked up and down the aisles of a big box store or shopped in a favorite boutique and discovered new products or new brands. Think back – were these products featured on a stand-alone display or were they alongside competing products? What made you notice them? Did you make a purchase?

Measuring ROI of Custom PoP displays

Allocating and investing marketing dollars in a permanent, custom PoP display is a sure way to get noticed and boost sales. Colorful graphics and logos will capture shoppers’ attention and draw them to your products.

Our calculator for Measuring ROI of Custom PoP displays can be found here.

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