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Four Simple Steps to Discovering Retail Success

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What is your display vision? We consult with you to determine what type of display will best suit your products and budget.  We then  value engineer a design concept and provide a quote for your consideration.



First look! Upon approval of the design concept, our team will create a 3D Rendering of your display which includes your company graphics/logo and product.



Bring to life your design!  We manufacture and ship a single display, this is an ideal tool  for pre-selling, presentations or displaying at trade shows.



Sit back and we do the rest!  Our displays are manufactured in-house and quality tested.  We ship you the completed displays, each individual display is flat-packed, courier friendly and includes assembly instructions, tool and hardware.

Trusted by Marketing Professionals Across Industries

• Quick ‘initial budget pricing’ turn around
• Custom design services
• Value engineering of your client’s design
• Multi-level partnerships both  formal & informal
• Straight reseller agreements
• Commission agreements
• Finders fee referral agreements.

Design & Manufacturing Services

All design & manufacturing services at Avante are carried out in-house by local professionals from our warehouse location.


Low cost manufacturing – production runs from as few as 50 floor units and 100 counter units.

3D Design

Custom design using the latest 3D design rendering software.

Graphic Printing

In-house, photo quality, large format graphic printing.


Quick prototyping turn-around.

Flat-Pack Packaging

Flat-pack, courier friendly packaging.

Customer Help Line

Toll-free customer service help line.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping.


Integrated marketing.