How to use Media Players to Market Your Products

The most recent Shopper Engagement Study conducted by POPAI (Point of Purchasing Advertising International) reveals that, more than ever, shoppers are making a huge number of purchasing decisions in-store.    In fact in 2012, the in-store decision rate was a staggering 76%.  With this in mind, how do you make sure that it’s your products that shoppers are drawn towards?

A point of purchase display with a unique design and integrated branding can really help your products to stand out in the crowd and you can take this a step further, with the addition of digital signage or a media player

Moving pictures and sound are not only a practical way to tell the story of your brand; they immediately catch the attention of passing shoppers.

Here are 3 types of videos that you can install on your media players players, to grab attention and ultimately boost product sales:

Instructional Video:
This is very useful for the consumer because all questions can be answered with one stop, instead of having to find a salesperson or trying to figure the product out themselves. Your video can be a very detailed, step-by-step guide on how to use your product or just a brief overview.  Either way, if you’re introducing something new and innovative to the market or have a product that needs explaining in a bit more detail an instructional video is a real aid to success.

Sales Video:
This video could feature a person speaking to camera about the benefits and features of your product or it could simply be product shots with animated bullet points.  Both of these options help to highlight why your product is necessary for the consumer and gives them the confidence that they are making a sound choice.

Testimonial Video:
This is a great way to build the consumer’s trust through other individuals’ stories about the product. What better way for the consumer to really get a feel for the brand and durability of the product than hearing it through real life testimonials?

To ensure that you get maximum impact from your digital signage or media player there are a few key things to consider:

  • Actions speak louder than words – where possible physically demonstrate how your product works.
  • Keep it short and simple – you will only have the shopper’s attention for a very limited amount of time.  If your signage or video is too long or complicated they will tune out and move on.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action – phrases such as “buy it now” or “try one today” can go a long way to help the shopper make the decision to purchase your product.
  • Make sure it works – if you incorporate digital signage or a media player in your point of purchase display you need to ensure that your retailers know how the system works and that they have a support system in place to deal with any technical issues that may arise.

By creating a whole package that tells the story of your brand and allows the consumer to interact with your product, you will generate much more interest than if it just sits on the shelf among your competitors.

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