Avante’s History of Retail Store Displays

Everyone over fifty can remember the stacks of cans carefully assembled in aisle lanes and near the grocery store check-out counter. From the very beginning of grocery and mercantile store development, retailers have noticed just how often a buyer standing in line has decided to pick up one more item while waiting.

Human nature dictates that we take in and think about that which is in front of our noses. This is why, according to researchers, that last-minute decisions account for the majority of in-store purchases. Retail store displays are just one more effective and logical evolution resulting from direct observation of basic human nature.

How Avante’s Retail Store Displays Became an Effective Sales Tool

In the late 1960’s, Avante’s founders, Kelly & Rene Spence were put in charge of a hunting knife display in their dad’s outdoor store.  They noticed that their display got much more attention when it was sitting squarely at the front aisle right by the cashier and how this prominent positioning helped to increase sales.

The boys grew into skilled cabinet and furniture makers, while never forgetting their in-store experiences. By the late 80’s, as the demand for custom furniture and cabinetry began to decline, Kelly and Rene realized that they could capitalize on their retail experience and fill a gap in the market by manufacturing high quality permanent retail displays.

In 1989 they founded Avante, a company that has since evolved into one of the leading POP display manufacturers in North America.  They now specialize in making custom floor displaysinteractive displays, and every other kind of permanent display that leads to furthering the retail sales advantage.

Over the years these bright entrepreneurs have been recognized with international design quality awards and patents. They have built a large and respected clientele that recognizes the scope of their unique experiences that has delivered them into the niche of dynamic, effective POP displays design and manufacturing.

The Intrinsic Value of Streamlined Process and In-House Manufacturing

Today many retail outlets welcome high quality POP displays, supplied directly by the product manufacturer. Well designed displays increase sales and will often be sited, maintained and even restocked by in-store personnel.

Avante has expanded into a market leader because they not only understand what appeals to consumers they also understand the retail environment.  This ensures that their POP display designs will have the maximum impact for the most cost effective price.

Kelly and Rene went on to integrate high technology into their retail store display design process.  This innovation has ushered in an era of amazing video, motion-sensored and touch-screen sensitive display units that amaze buyers and entertain shoppers in a way that makes big store chains request Avante displays for their stores whenever possible.

Avante has focused on providing streamlined processes and services based on in-house manufacturing accompanied by in-house award winning design teams that provide the biggest levels of return on investment possible in today’s market. Avante clients see up to 300 percent increases in-store sales almost immediately.

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