Showroom Displays

What are Showroom Displays and why do I need them?

When most people think of point of purchase displays, they image the floor and counter units that accent the aisles of the local supermarket or specialty store.  But what if your company manufactures or distributes flooring, kitchen and bathroom fixtures or large appliances?

No matter how large or cumbersome, your products still need to be showcased the consumer to help them make a more informed purchase decision.   Research shows that when making a larger purchase most customers want to physically see and feel the end product.

Custom designed, showroom point of purchase displays are an excellent way to showcase your product line and brand, but there are a few important factors to consider when investing in this type of marketing strategy.

  • Display your best sellers – When you are selling products as large as a kitchen sink there is no feasible way to display your entire line.  Select just one or two of your best selling items to feature on the display to give the customer an idea of the style and quality of your products.
  • Include a catalogue – When you can’t physically display your entire line you need a way to show the customer your other offerings.   Attaching a catalog to your showroom display is also a great way to provide potential buyers with additional information such as specs and pricing.
  • Invest in a quality display – Showrooms tend to be much more focused on esthetics than general retailers.  You are much more likely to get your products placed if you have a high end well designed display.
  • Optimise your footprint – While showrooms are usually very spacious, floor space is still limited.  Retailers will be more reluctant to place a display that takes up a lot of square footage.  Think about how to effectively position your products on your display to keep your overall footprint to a minimum.
  • Don’t forget that all important call to action – Most customers will not be making a buying decision then and there, particularly if they are purchasing a high priced item.  It is therefore wise to offer something tangible that the customer can take away, such as a flyer, brochure or small product sample.  That way you will stay at the forefront of their mind while they make their purchasing decision.

Custom designed, showroom point of purchase displays are a big investment of both time and money, but done correctly they can yield a massive return.  A high quality well-placed showroom display will increase brand awareness and generate more sales.

Avante has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing showroom point of purchase displays and you can view some examples of our work HERE.  Our tried and tested design process, ensures that you end up with the highest quality product at the most cost effective price.

Our design and sales teams are on hand to guide you through the process, answer questions and offer their expertise.

For more information please contact Avante Manufacturing

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