Our retail displays look great and are always on time. I have come to depend on AVANTE’s skills and excellent service...”

Michael Moss 
Marketing Manager, 


Digital Signage fully set up with your video... just plug it in!

Touch screen, WiFi, and motion sensing options available. 

Ask a POP Display Expert:

“...the stores and the reps were thrilled. It really boosted sales for us, and we received many compliments on our 'new look' ”

Brett Goldberg 

Avante specializes in custom Point of Purchase (POP) display stands, Point of Sale (POS) display stands, interactive display stands, countertop displays, and digital signage for businesses in US & Canada. 

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Counter or free standing.

We design and manufacture in North America. 
Get your order shipped fast in USA and Canada.

1 Year Warranty, made for the 24/7 retail environment. 

COVID-19 Changed the Retail Landscape.  


Display Types:

 POP / POS Displays

• Countertop Displays

• Slatwall Displays

• Showroom Displays

• Spinner Displays

• Wooden Displays

• Retail POP Shelving

• POP Kiosks

• Interactive Displays

• Hand Sanitizer Displays

• Digital Signage Displays

• Audio Video Players

Industries Served:

• Automotive

• Electronics

• Food & Beverage

• Footwear

• Health & Beauty

• Home Improvement

• Kitchen & Bathroom

• Maternity & Kids

• Sports & Recreation

• Wine & Spirits

• And More

"Cheap cardboard displays worked for me, for a while..."

At first glance, the low cost of our cardboard competitors might sweep you off your feet... 

but take a deeper look at long-term costs:

  • Hefty start-up charges – you may end up having to pay extra for their die cutting or tooling.
  • Shorter lifespan –  corrugated displays deteriorate more quickly and will typically be thrown away within 3-6 months. This constant replacement also means extra shipping costs.
  • Lower Return on Investment – Once your corrugated POP display has been thrown away, your company no longer owns a branding presence in the retail store.  You may have to start from square one to try and regain your footprint.
  • Much Higher Production Runs – Most corrugated display providers require a minimum order quantity in the high hundreds, sometimes thousands.
  • Lost deals – If you are targeting higher-end boutique retailers you may find that they don’t want corrugated POP displays in their stores, as they are not very aesthetically pleasing.
  • No Start Up-Charges – We have a well-established factory, housing state of the art machinery, which means that there are zero tooling charges.
  • Much Longer Lifespan Permanent POP displays will typically last for 3-5 years. You can increase the lifespan even further by refreshing header graphics, or altering the display configuration.
  • Higher Return on Investment – When your permanent POP display is empty, the retailer will naturally want to reorder and keep the display fully stocked, because the high-quality design adds a certain ambiance to the store.  You also have the added benefit of a constant in store branding presence.
  • Low Production Runs – Avante minimum order quantities typically start from as low as 50 units for floor displays and 100 units for counter displays.

“We were all amazed at your creativity – remember that we sent you a few product samples and you came up with a new display from scratch.

Our sales increased by over 300% in the 6 months after the new displays were placed in the stores.

Three years and 4 ingenious POP displays later and we are known for the most appealing and functional displays in the industry. Thank you for your laser fast response, reliability, excellent quality, and for being a secret to our explosive growth over the past few years.”

Brian Birch

“Avante’s design team helped us come up with a display that I have been trying to get figured out for over 7 years. It is compact and optimizes store real estate while maximizing profit for both us and the retailer.  

The way the displays were packed and shipped prevented damage and made it easy to put together for both our rep teams and retailers. 

I will be sure to work on future projects with Avante.”

Ryan Rich

“Our retailers really love the look of the displays that Avante manufactured for us and they are having a similar effect on customers.  We have seen a 20-25% increase in sales in the locations that have our displays, which more than justifies our initial investment.  

Everyone at Avante has been extremely helpful and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Nick M. MacPherson

 Our Customers Say: 

 Our Displays are Durable 

So your increase in sales won't wear out.

Guarantee a captive audience and placement in prime retail locations with an innovative POP Display.

Custom hand sanitizer stations that market your product:

1. Grabbing Attention

The motion, light and sometimes sound emitting from digital displays has natural attention grabbing qualities that makes shoppers stop.

2. Engaging Customers

Today’s savvy consumers are often just as concerned with the ethical and environmental aspects of a product or brand as they are with the price point. Digital displays help to tell your story and build consumer confidence in a way that static packaging and signage can’t.

3. Providing Entertainment

A recent study showed that 70% of women and 50% of men view shopping as a form of entertainment. When something is entertaining people are more likely to take time out for it, which is why increasing the entertainment element of shopping has become a focus of retailers everywhere. Digital displays are more ‘fun’ than static ones and they stand out by impressing or delighting consumers, which is a big plus for retailers.

4. Educating Consumers

Video players or touch screens incorporated into displays can show potential customers the features and benefits of a product, offer advice or demonstrate the product, all of which create interest and lead towards a sale.  In general consumers prefer to decide how and when they receive product information and interactive displays offer this control.

5. Flexibility

Traditional displays have a fixed design which can’t be changed, especially once they are installed in stores. Displays with digital or touch screens give you or your retailers the option to change the on screen content at any time. 

5 Advantages of Digital POP Displays

Low minimums with quick turnaround. 

Ask a POP Display Expert:

“We have had Avante design and manufacture our retail pop displays for more than 10 years. At one point we thought we could save costs by sourcing our displays from China. We found out in a hurry that with the significant decline in quality and service, it just wasn't worth the minimal cost savings.

Troy Holland
Marketing Director, Stander Inc. 

Incorporating a media player with your custom POP display is a great way to attract even more attention and to provide potential customers with detailed information about the benefits of your products while they sanitize their hands.

Full range of screen sizes can be incorporated into custom wall-mounted, free-standing, and shelving or counter displays.


All your retailers will have to do is assemble the display using our easy to follow instructions and switch on the media player.

The Avante Advantage

You may be able to source media players, hand sanitizers, or corrugulated displays from other providers at a lower cost, but check to see if they include what you get going through Avante:

  • You won’t have the worry or cost of formatting and loading your message on to possibly hundreds of media cards. 

  • You won’t need additional resources to un-package, set up, repackage and ship your displays. 

  • You can eliminate the additional cost of sourcing and buying expensive media cards. 

  • You won’t have the extra cost of shipping your media players and hand sanitizers separately - saving up to $20 per display. 

  • You won’t have to deal with any technical issues - your retailers can contact our support team directly.

Sell more by playing a looping ad message 24/7!

Full range of screen sizes can be incorporated into custom wall-mounted, free-standing, and shelving or counter displays.

Secure premium retail placement and a captive audience 

Touchless Hand Sanitizer

Touchless hand sanitizer or traditional pump bottle with place holder for easy clean up. 

Get Priority Placement in Stores with Countertop Displays

Countertop Displays are perfect for placing near a retailer's checkout. Guarantee every customers interaction before they leave the store!

Touchless Hand Sanitizer

As Seen In Retail Stores Across the USA & Canada