POP Displays – What is Value Engineering?

There are countless surveys and statistics that conclusively confirm that the use of POP displays increases product sales.  

The problem is that while many retailers are keen to cash in on the benefits of POP displays they are often reluctant to bear the associated design and manufacturing costs. On top of this retailers will often place restrictions on the size of and style of your display, limiting the amount of product you can display and making it more difficult to recoup the cost of your investment.

This is where value engineering can help. Value engineering provides you with the optimal display configuration at the optimal price point to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment and here is how it works:

  • No wastage – By using the dimensions and quantities of the products you need to showcase a value engineered display will be cut to the exact required size so no materials are wasted.
  • Cost effective – The design and manufacturing costs of a value engineered display should be proportional the total $ value of the products being showcased – e.g. it is counter productive to have a $200 display showcasing $100 worth of merchandise.
  • Protects your investment –  A value engineered display will feature some form of permanent branding.  This prevents display hi-jacking and increases the chances of re-orders as the display empties.  It will also support long term product branding.
  • Longer life-cycle –  Unlike disposable POP displays a value engineered display will become a more permanent fixture in the retail environment, allowing you to amortize the cost of the display over a longer time period.

What you must remember is that a value engineered POP display is a custom product.  It can be as elaborate or a simple as you need it to be.  The key is to create something eye-catching, that can be easily placed in retail locations that reflects the value and branding of your product line.

Avante has been designing and manufacturing custom permanent POP displays for more than 25 years.  Over that time we have honed our skills and processes in order to deliver outstanding displays at the most cost effective price point. Most of our customers have experienced a significant increases in sales as a direct result of their investment in our point of purchase displays. Avante has a tried and tested method that takes you from design to manufacturing with the least amount of hassle and expense.  We also handle every aspect of your project in-house, maintaining the highest level of quality control.

For more information please contact Avante Manufacturing toll-free: 1-877-407-8655

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