POP Display Graphics – How to Get Maximum Impact

In a busy retail environment you have a matter of seconds to convey your brand messaging to potential buyers and convince them to ultimately make a purchase and the right display graphics can make all the difference. Countless surveys have proven that the use of a POP Display will help to increase the odds of a sale, but in order for your display to have the maximum impact there are a few things to consider.

How to Deliver Your Message

  1. Keep any text short and punchy  – active shoppers are not a captive audience, so you message needs to be delivered at a glance.
  2. Use images to demonstrate product benefits  – the right pictures can say a thousand words and are much easier to see at a distance.
  3. Use bold easy to read fonts – while fancy calligraphy or comic fonts might embellish your brand or packaging, they are not ideal for POP displays.  If the text on your display is not clearly legible from at least 10 feet away the shopper is unlikely to connect.
  4. Use bold, high-contrast colours – opposing primary colours can produce a vibrant effect and a similar impact can be created by mixing light and dark colours.

Where to Deliver Your Message

What we are talking about here is where, on your POP display, should you put your marketing messages.

  1. Visible real estate  – you need to know where your POP display will be positioned in store.  Will it be at the end of an aisle, in the middle of the shop floor or against a wall?   There is little point spending money on expensive side-panel graphics if they are never going to be seen by the customer.
  2. Consider where the shopper is looking  – a typical person’s gaze, while standing  hovers somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5 feet so it is important to position your main message within this strike zone.
  3. If it can be seen does not mean it will be seen – Footer graphics can work very well on many displays, but a line of copy one inch off the floor is completely ineffective.

Be Creative, but stay on Brand.

  1. Respect style guides – style guides define your brand and are an integral part of POP display design.  At the retail level your product still needs to remain connected to every other aspect of your marketing.
  2. Provide designers with enough information – try to be as specific as possible about the look your trying to achieve.  Adjectives such as bright, big and blue will not suffice.  Provide brand images and other marketing materials to give the designer a better idea of your overall marketing strategy.
  3. Remember that graphic design is not art – it is visual problem-solving.  Your POP display designer needs to be flexible and leave their personal artistic style out of their work.

Avante have been designing and manufacturing POP displays for over 25 years and have won several prestigious awards for their creations.

We take the time to fully understand your business and brand in order to deliver the most efficient, yet cost-effective POP displays available.   We will also work with your graphic designers, providing die-lines and specifications to ensure that their final design fits your POP display perfectly.  Furthermore, all graphics are printed in house to maintain the highest level of quality.

For more information please contact Avante Manufacturing 
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