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Permanent POP Displays are More Cost Effective

When shopping for POP displays many distributors are drawn to the lower price point of corrugate or disposable displays, but in the long run, these types of displays often end up costing more than permanent POP displays.

When evaluating corrugate vs permanent POP displays consider more than the initial price tag.

There are often extra costs encountered when purchasing temporary displays, that aren’t always apparent at the outset.

  • Start-up charges – while the base price per unit for corrugate is considerably lower than permanent POP displays, there will almost always be additional charges for tooling, die cutting and printing, which can add up fast.
  • High production runs – Corrugate display manufacturers typically have higher minimum order requirements than permanent ones.  When you are introducing a new product or want to test a new market you don’t necessarily want to invest in thousands of displays.
  • Lower shelf life – temporary displays will deteriorate and are usually thrown away within 3-6 months.  This means that they have to be regularly replaced, which translates to additional shipping costs.
  • Lost sales – If your products are housed on corrugate displays and they sell out, it’s very easy for the retailer to just remove such a temporary display from the shop floor.  If this happens your company no longer has any branding presence and you might even have to start over trying to get placement in that location again.
  • Your initial and ongoing return on investment will be lower – because corrugate displays are easily disposable they don’t encourage retailers to reorder your products.

When you start to look more closely at the total price tag, you will see that over the long term permanent POP displays can prove to be much more cost effective.

Avante has been manufacturing custom, permanent POP displays for over 25 years and has numerous success stories to support the fact that permanent POP displays offer a much better return on your investment.permanent POP displays

  • Zero in start-up charges – We have state-of-the-art machinery at our factory with the capability to produce a myriad of designs and finishes and there are no hidden setup fees or tooling charges.
  • Higher quality – All of our displays are manufactured from high-quality wood and wood laminates and all graphics are printed in-house.  This ensures that the finished product meets our exacting standards.
  • Longer shelf life – Because high-quality displays add a certain ambiance to the retail location, so, when they empty, retailers naturally want to refill them by reordering more of your products.
  • Constant retail presence – Permanent POP displays are not disposable and become viewed as a part of the store fixtures, ensuring your branding is always in front of the consumer.
  • Low production runs – These start from as low as 50 units for floor displays and 100 units for counter displays, which is ideal for smaller start ups or established companies looking to branch out into new markets.

With permanent POP displays, you can pull in more sales, recoup your investment faster and build more lasting relationships with your retailers.  Your POP displays should not only be value for money, but good quality and
long-lasting as well.  Avante wants to make sure that your permanent POP displays are the best possible investment, which is why we refuse to settle for cheap base prices.

To find out more about how you can benefit from custom permanent POP displays please call for your free consultation 1-877-407-8655.

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