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Kiosk Displays – Simple Tricks To Increase Your Product Sales

When it comes to in-store retail, kiosk displays are a powerful communication and interaction venue.

They come in a variety of designs including interactive, touch screen, podium style, towers and table top displays.

In order to maximize sales and secure a permanent spot in the store retailers of your choice, here are some simple tricks to help you capitalize on your display appeal and sales results:

Informational Center:

Your kiosk displays should communicate the feeling of an educational or information center. Its purpose is to quickly show the customer why your product or service is their best-possible solution.

When educating the consumer quickly and professionally, you are much more likely to be viewed as the go-to company for their future needs.

Draw Attention to the Display:

This is done most quickly by using clean, powerful designs with well-integrated branding. Electronic displays that feature sounds, video loops, speakers that broadcast information triggered by motion sensors— are all popular approaches to garnering customer interest, engagement and lingering. The more interactive your display, the better.

When you can succeed at using truly unique branding that entertains, informs, piques interest and generates recognizable-at-a-glance company qualities you are well on your way to increasing sales and building a solid repeat-customer base.

Engage the Customer:

When designing your Kiosk display, focus on engagement. This is best accomplished by using video advertising players, flip books, informational graphics, and focused, careful use of brochures and catalogues.

Anytime you inspire a customer to pick something up, to press a switch to hear a video or educational presentation, or to stop walking by and touch an aspect of your Kiosk display, you have succeeded. Encouragements to action and purchase can be very powerful.

Success means increased sales, and Avante has the ability to focus and deliver up to 300 percent increases in Kiosk display sales when we allow our award-winning design teams to deliver your branding messages through Kiosk display design.

Make it a User Friendly Experience:

Think carefully about how your users will experience your information presentation. Over informing can turn off potential buyers, as can clumsy designs that are difficult to handle or operate. People want information that is easy to handle and absorb quickly, and they want the information to help them have an experience of finding a great value.

Be sure your written materials are at a general adult height so they are quickly seen by eyes walking by. Your Kiosk display design should inspire-at-a- glance and the colors, shapes and messages should speak into a powerful sub-conscious appeal.

The size of your Kiosk display should please your retailer’s floor plan so you can also inspire prime retail locations. Any display that is highly visually interesting and communicates in a manner that gets results will quickly become a favorite of any store manager looking to attract customers.

Know your Market:

Your retail venue will likely have a specific theme. Be it boutique, medical settings like pharmacies or grocery store isles, you need to know and understand the preferences of the store manager’s isle theme and guidelines. Stores are always of different sizes and this determines how managers design isle-space use.

Design your Kiosk display for the space it will occupy. If you feel a need for help, you can have a specially-designed Kiosk delivered to you by award- winning designers with in-house manufacturing for around $200 delivered directly to your store.

We do this because decades of experience have shown that keeping our manufacturing and design costs down makes it possible for our customers to afford more in-store support displays that catapult sales and deliver brand inspired excellence for our growing markets.

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