How Interactive POP Displays Can Get You The Sale

So how can interactive POP displays increase your chances of making a sale?

With interactive POP displays, you allow the consumer to move from a place of curiosity, to a place of need.  You allow them to fully understand and personally experience your product before they even buy it.

There are several obstacles that can deter a consumer from purchasing your product:

  • Lack of information – you need to ensure that the customer’s questions about the suitability of your product for their own specific needs have been answered.
  • Lack of Trust – the customer may not have heard of or tried your product before and will therefore have concerns about the quality.
  • Confusion on How to Use Product – you may have the best product on the market, but if the customer does not fully understand how it works and what the key benefits are they are unlikely to purchase.

These are all issues that you can easily avoid with  interactive POP displays.

The consumer has found your product – that’s half the battle won. Now is the time to really push your message forward with interactive POP displays.

Interactive POP displays assume the role of the salesperson. When an prospective buyer approaches the enticing the display, it immediately starts selling your product, either through:

  • An instructional video on how to use the product.
  • A testimonial video of an actual consumer experience.
  • A promotional sales video.
  • A physical demonstration of a sample product.

When the consumer is actually able to try the product, it creates a level of trust that is unparalleled.

In order for interactive point of purchase displays to be effective, the design needs to be carefully thought out. Avante’s award-winning designs come from years of experience of working with quality materials, coupled with an unparalleled knack for understanding of what drives consumers to purchase.

Avante’s industry-leading designs can include touch screen technology, giving the consumer extra enticement to interact with your products. We can also create a platform to showcase a demonstration unit on your interactive POP displays, so the consumer can physically try before they buy.

Our interactive displays are value engineered, to optimize the floor space available, so you can make the most of what your retailers offer you. We make sure that the designs build upon your brand and optimize the most effective elements of your product line.

Check out some of our interactive displays here or call our toll-free number:
1-877-407-8655 to discuss how we can build a display that best represents your brand.



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