Drive Sales through Distraction and Engagement

It has been conservatively estimated that the average person sees 300-700 marketing messages per day*, including the ad overload  from the Internet and video gaming.

This constant bombardment causes consumers to “tune out”, particularly in a familiar retail environment.  So how do you you shake people out of their reverie and lure them to your products?

The answer is distraction and engagement

Incorporating multi-media players or touch screens into your POP display enables you to recreate the role of a salesperson, first by grabbing the consumer’s attention; secondly, pushing your marketing message forward and thirdly, compelling the consumer to purchase.

Motion sensors can immediately distract customers as they pass, with unanticipated sounds and visuals.  Studies have shown that this type of digital POP signage provides more than ten times the eye-capture of conventional signage.

Multi-media players and touch screens also provide variety of different opportunities to ensure consumer engagement including:

  • Instructional videos on how to use the product.
  • Testimonial videos of an actual consumer experience.
  • Promotional sales videos.
  • Demonstrations of a sample product.

Touch screens can also help to solidify the consumer’s engagement by requiring their physical interaction with the sales process.

This type of distraction and engagement drives sales by moving the consumer from a place of curiosity, to a place of need.  As an added benefit studies have shown that when people get interrupted during shopping they lose focus and become less price-sensitive.  When people return to look at products after a distraction, they are more likely to buy and spend more.**

Avante can design and build you an affordable, attention drawing, multi-media or touch screen POP display that uses video or other media to get your message to the consumer.

These displays are so easy to use – completely plug-and-play once they arrives on location.

In order for this kind of technology to be effective, the design needs to be carefully thought out.  Avante’s award-winning designs come from years of experience of working with quality materials, coupled with an unparalleled knack for understanding what drives consumers to purchase.

Our displays are also value engineered and designed to optimize the floor space available, so you can make the most of what your retailers offer you.  We make sure that the designs build upon your brand and optimize the most effective elements of your product line.

Call our toll-free number: 1-877-407-8655 to discuss how we can build displays that will distract, engage and drive sales.




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