3 Key Tips on Customer Psychology & POP Displays

How to use customer psychology to help customers make decisions inside the store and buy more with unique, personalized POP displays.

Shoppers desire a unique, personalized experience that POP displays can provide.

Point-of-purchase displays can be more than just an eye-catching display in your store to draw interest in your products. That visual beauty can be combined with interactive features to engage your customers in a unique retail experience, making them want to purchase your products even more. Adding features like QR codes, special offers, lighting, or a touch-screen display gives retail shoppers extra reasons to stop by and give a few minutes of their time to consider adding a couple extra things to their cart that day.

POP displays allow you to infuse the psychology of color in your retail marketing strategy.

Effective color use in retail marketing and advertising plays a big role in influencing the mind of your shoppers. In your point-of-purchase displays, you can choose whether you want to use color to continue the brand of colors your business already has, or tailor the colors to the specific product you’re highlighting. All POP displays should include a call to action. Aggressive colors like red and orange are good ways to do this while yellow and green convey more relaxation, wealth, and happiness.

POP displays will help your customers make their decision inside the retail store.

In retail, you train your salespeople to do one big task: learn to overcome objections.
Point-of-purchase displays can be a salesperson you don’t even have to train. Since nearly 82 percent of buying decisions are made inside the retail store, POP displays help ensure customers will make their purchases then and there rather than waiting until they go home and talk themselves out of it. In some ways, POP displays are the most versatile, affordable salesperson you could ever hire as part of your retail marketing strategy.

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