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Custom PoP Displays & Their Role in Attraction-Based Marketing

What is attraction-based marketing? How did it come to the forefront of the marketing landscape?

            Attraction-based marketing is an evolution of the traditional marketing avenue, now known as interruption marketing. This is any sort of ad that is forced in front of you and literally interrupts your day. Commercials, radio ads, even search engine marketing, and social media advertising have their roots in this. Unfortunately, the abrupt and forceful nature of these ads has generated a poor reputation for marketing.

            Unlike its counterpart, interruption marketing, attraction marketing relies on the customer making the first move before they are exposed to your message. Marketing channels like email campaigns and remarketing codes are prime examples of how the potential client engages with content similar to your brand, and then the campaign takes over and subtly brings your message to the attention of your potential consumer. For attraction marketing, the most important part is being part of something that is already there. Being present and part of the conversation of qualified potential clients is more important than having your commercial show up on radio or television.

            In today’s marketing landscape, the focus is often on digital avenues, but one of the most powerful attraction marketing strategies is actually found on the retail floor. A custom point-of-purchase display checks more boxes than most other forms of attraction-based marketing strategies.

            First off, a PoP display allows the consumer to make the first move. Simply by being present where the shopper is, the display allows one to choose whether or not they want to engage with it. The shifting attitude of consumers has indicated that having this choice, rather than being forced to engage with a flashy ad, is more likely to convert shoppers into clients. A clever design, eye-catching graphics, and a product that matters will pull customers to the display and since they are able to tactilely engage with the product prior to making a purchase, they are highly likely to convert.

            One of the most important things to note is that these customers have already made the decision to buy. They are so far down the sales funnel, that giving them the chance to add something to their predetermined purchase is the prime real estate of marketing.

            Is your brand ready to use a permanent, custom point-of-purchase display and attraction-based marketing to drive sales and build brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness? Call Avante PoP Displays to bring your design dreams to reality.