COVID – Shopping and Dining made safer with SanADtizer

Unfortunately, the COVID virus is not going away anytime soon.  It is now the duty of retailers, restaurants, and other industries serving the public to provide hand sanitizer or other means of protection to ensure the health & safety of customers and employees. 

High traffic entranceways where the public is greeted with a pump or spray bottle of hand sanitizer, and a roll of paper towel, has become the new norm.  These makeshift stations are often untidy and look ‘thrown together’ as a quick solution for sanitizing and cleanliness.

Why not take advantage of this golden opportunity to engage your patron’s attention, and at the same time, provide a beneficial health & safety service.  Avante Displays has designed and created the SanADtizer.  A display that incorporates a touchless, battery-powered hand sanitizer dispenser, or conventional pump bottle AND a motion-activated video player, to play your promotional message, advertise daily or weekly specials, and/or COVID safety guidelines.  The SanADtizer is a custom PoP display, printed with your graphics, logo, menu, etc., and is the perfect solution for an attractive, informative, tidy, hand sanitizing station.

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