How to Combat POP Display Hi-jacking & Protect Your Investment

So, you’ve done your research into buyer behaviour and you’ve read POPAI’s Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study, confirming that consumers make 82% of purchase decisions in store.   You know that your product is potentially the best on the market, but appreciate that products don’t just sell themselves. To attract the attention of potential consumers and stand out in a retail environment, you understand that exhibition is key.

Permanent POP displays are an obvious solution, not only will they draw the attention of shoppers they will help you to:

  • Gain better in-store real estate.
  • Build brand recognition.
  • Have more influence over the buying process.
  • Establish a longer shelf life for your product range.
  • Build better relationships with retailers.

When it comes to permanent POP displays, the options are considerable.  You may be tempted to go with a generic non-branded display, after all the cost would be lower and you would get the same amount of in-store exposure.  However, non-branded displays can fall victim to display hi-jacking.

What is display hi-jacking?

Quite simply it occurs when you find competing brands being presented on your display – not an ideal scenario.

When a generic display begins to empty, it is likely that the retailer will replenish it with whatever products they have in stock, including competing products.  It is also not uncommon for a generic display to lose its brand identity simply because someone removes the signs or stocks the display with the wrong brand or product.  Your investment then inadvertently becomes nothing more than some extra shelving for your retailers.

Branded displays, on the other hand offer you much more protection for your investment.   Have a look at the picture below.  On the left is a generic display, on the right one that is custom designed and branded.  The display on the right not only stands out more, there is a distinct alignment between the display and the products it is showcasing.  When the branded display begins to empty, it is more likely that the retailer will replenish it using only those specific products, meaning a greater frequency of reorders.

display hi-jacking
MediDyne Custom Designed & Branded POP Display

It’s basic psychology: we are drawn to things that are different. Visually, your standalone custom branded point of purchase displays will highlight your product and capture the shopper’s attention. After walking through aisle after aisle of similar items, shoppers may find that branded point of purchase displays direct them to just what they need, even when they thought they were done shopping.

At Avante we print all graphics in-house ensuring that your branding gets permanently adhered to your displays so it can’t be removed.   Our designers also use value engineering to custom size your displays to fit your specific product range. Talk to the experts and find out how we can help you to design a unique branded display that will eliminate display hi-jacking and protect your investment.

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