9 Ways To Easily and Cost-effectively Spruce Up Your Retail Slatwall Display

Avante remains a leader in retail slatwall displays simply by sticking with time-tested company standards. We study how customers buy in order to create displays that quickly catch the eye of passing shoppers. Our aim is to create individualized solutions to help you drive home your sales quota.

You can then keep those profits rolling in by making regular, simple upgrades to your retail slatwall displays to keep it fresh in the buyer’s mind.

Spruce-Up Your Retail Slatwall Displays 

1) Re-arrange – Slatwall displays offer versatility for displaying products.  Simply reorganizing your products on the display can provide a fresh look. Products placed at eye-level tend to sell better, so try different combinations to find out what works best.

2) Keep it clean – Most slatwall displays are manufactured using an easily-cleaned thermo-fused melamine. Try cleaning and brightening-up the outer frame and shelving for a fresher look.

3) Re-organize the shelving pattern – Retail slatwall displays are designed to accept hooks, shelves, brackets, bins & signage. Try moving around your existing pattern or adding new shelves or bins to highlight certain products.

4) Re-vamp your sections, slats, and signs – Slatwall is often used for designing countertop, wall, or freestanding floor displays and many companies use all three for increased customer interaction. When sections, slats, and signs for the displays are re-arranged, the change can cause shoppers to become re-interested in what they thought they have already seen.

5) Add versatility – One of the main values of slatwall displays is their versatility, which is crucial when vying for display space in leading retail stores. The important question to ask yourself is: “how can I make my displays stand out as being more enhanced or upgraded than the existing product display patterns, signage, and messaging?”

6) Introduce new elements into your display – This can be as simple as a brightly colored brochure, a free sample product or an eye-grabbing graphic that relates to your product.

7) Get digital – Remind the buyer of the benefits of your product(s) by adding a digital sign/media player.  This can also be used to effectively introduce new products or inform about enhancements to older ones.

8) Add a motion-sensor – If your slatwall display already has a digital sign, integrate a motion-sensor to trigger voice messaging as customers walk by. This will draw immediate interest from potential buyers.

9) Play with colors, shapes and patterns – Try retrofitting your slatwall display with different shaped shelves or funky coloured brackets.  You can also modernize the look of your display by updating the graphics.

Why Choose the Avante Advantage?

In-house Design Teams: At Avante, we maintain industry-leading design teams that apply design concepts that enhance the sales-flow for your product.

In-house Print Manufacturing: Our in-house printing and manufacturing team takes direct orders. Our designers consistently offer brilliant concepts at lower-than-average costs.

In-house Production and Shipping: Production teams build the display units that maintain integrity for your concepts while simultaneously fulfilling construction requirements.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Designs: Avante believes firmly in the future – this is why we do our best to use only the most eco-friendly materials without compromising overall design or performance for your retail slatwall displays.

Industry-Setting Performance and Statistics: Our retail slatwall displays simply outperform displays designed by competitors.

Trust your important product with industry standard-setters. Dominate the display kiosk industry with your effectively designed and displayed product.

Why risk reputation and quality-perception of your brand with any other company than Avante when we have bottom-line enhancing statistics to prove our effectiveness?

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about point of purchase displays, please contact Avante Displays.

Phone: 1-877-407-8655
Email: [chimera_framework_email_protect user_name=”salesadmin” domain_name=”avantekiosks.com”] or click here to request a copy of our brochure.





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