5 Ways Interactive Retail Displays Improve the Customer Experience

The popularity of interactive retails displays is increasing and the industry is now realizing that these are more than just another marketing tool. Using interactive displays to promote your products helps to improve the customer experience which in turn drives sales.

Interactive Retail Displays vs. Static 

Human beings love touching and experiencing things.  Consumers are much more likely to be drawn to something interactive than to something static.  They are more likely to stop and watch a street performer than to read a poster about an up and coming show. 

In a mostly mundane retail environment is a particularly smart move to make interactivity a part of the customer experience.  Touch screens, motion sensors, and lighting are just some of the features that give an otherwise ordinary retail displays some interesting advantages.

Here are 5 ways interactive retails displays improve customer experience in retail.

1. Grabbing Attention

Static displays have to use bold colours or unusual designs to get the customer’s attention, which may not fit well in certain retail environments.  Interactive retail displays on the other hand have a natural attention grabbing quality that makes shoppers stop.

2. Engaging Customers

Interactive retail displays engage customers, which creates more confidence and loyalty towards your brand.  Creating this positive in store experience helps build the relationship between you and your customers while increasing sales.

A touch screen or motion-activated visual display also provides a way to give the customer pertinent information about your product in a less intrusive way.

3. In-Store Entertainment

A recent study* showed that 70% of women and 50% of men view shopping as a form of entertainment. When something is entertaining people are more likely to take time out for it. This is why increasing the entertainment element of shopping has become a focus of retailers everywhere.

Interactive retail displays are typically seen as more ‘fun’ than static ones and they help brands to stand out by impressing or delighting consumers, which is a big plus for retailers.

4. Educating Consumers

In today’s incredibly over-crowded marketplace retailers are always looking for ways to inform customers about a product without being invasive or annoying.

Video players or touch screens incorporated into displays can show potential customers the features and benefits of a product, offer advice or demonstrate the product, all of which create interest and lead towards a sale.  In general consumers prefer to decide how and when they receive product information and interactive retail displays offer this control, which may prove more successful than using actual sales people to push product.

5. Flexibility

Traditional displays have a fixed design which can’t be changed, especially once they are installed in stores.

Interactive retail displays are often fitted with touch screens or visual displays, which provides you or your retailers the option to change the on screen content at any time.  Perhaps you could put some extra attention on an in-store promotion sale or test various content and see what works best. 

Interactive retail displays offer customers and retailers great benefits through the ability to transform the entire customer experience. 

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*The Secret Sauce of Modern Omnichannel Retail


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