5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Invest in Permanent POP Displays

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Invest in Permanent POP Displays

Let’s face it permanent POP displays are bulky, expensive and a pain to maintain and here are 5 more reasons why you wouldn’t want to invest.

  1. Permanent POP Displays Give You Better In-Store Real-Estate.

Why would you want your products to stand out from the crowd?  It’s much better for them to sit on a shelf alongside lots of competing brands.  Sure the odds of your brand being noticed might be significantly lower, but if a customer comes into the store asking for your product, the staff will know exactly which aisle to direct them to.  Displays are typically placed on the end of the aisle or in the centre of a department section or even right in the front of the store near to the check-out, but no one really browses any more do they.  Most customers know exactly what they are looking for when they go shopping and your products might just be one of them.

  1. Permanent POP Displays Help to Build Brand Recognition

Who needs brand recognition?  It’s just a gimmick.  Your products are as good as anything Coca Cola, Ford or Walmart have ever brought to market and those guys are household names (we’ll just disregard the fact that each of these organization spends as much in brand marketing as the GDP of a small country).  Your brand rocks and consumers are familiar with it.  Why spend unnecessary dollars reinforcing the fact?

  1. Permanent POP Displays Influence the Buying Process.

Why should you have to spend money to influence buyers – isn’t that the retailer’s job?  Retailers are already putting out adverts in the local press and once the buyers are in store they are sure to find your products among the rows and rows of everything else.  The fancy graphics, brochures and media players that feature on displays do attract attention, but are nothing more than a ploy of manufacturers to get you to spend more money.

  1. Permanent POP Displays Have a Longer In-Store Life.

So what if permanent displays have a shelf life of three or more years. If you lose one retail location there are plenty more out there.  Make your sales reps really earn their commission, by having to resell your products into the same location time after time. 

  1. Retailers Love Permanent POP Displays.

Well-designed displays help retailers to more easily control inventory and allow products to be properly merchandised for maximum sales potential. But why should you be paying for displays that make the retailer’s job easier.  It’s not like they are going to keep refilling your display once its empty – brand loyalty is nothing more than a myth anyway.   

The above are arguments that we hear all of the time, from people who know little or nothing about, branding, product placement or retail.  The true fact of the matter is that permanent POP displays will increase your profits and provide long-lasting brand recognition.  Sales will rise naturally, because of increased exposure and consumer interaction with your products and your return on investment will be quickly realised.

Before you make any decisions about POP displays talk to the experts at Avante.

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