5 Indicators That a Custom Countertop Display is Right for You

Congratulations! You just scored a deal with a retail chain and a few smaller stores and it is time for you to figure out what kind of Point of Purchase display is right for you. Choosing between a free-standing floor display, an end cap display, or a countertop display can be daunting, but there are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help qualify your own product for the right display.

  1. What are the properties of your product?

One of the first things for you to consider is the physical nature of your product. If your product is naturally heavy or large, then the display should reflect that. However, if you have a lighter weight product that is relatively small, then a countertop display might be right for you! Having smaller items on the counter in front of paying customers will give them something easy to grab on to and add to their purchase.

        This ties right into the average ticket of your product. If your price point is something that a consumer would easily add to their purchase, then you definitely want that in front of them at the counter! This is the perfect spot for that classic impulse buy. Typically speaking, if an item at the counter is 10% or less of the cost of a customer’s total purchase, then there is a high likelihood that they will instinctually add it. Think of that moment when you said to the customer service rep, “sure, just throw it on there!”

  1. What are the retailers telling you?

It’s important when you are first communicating with your retailers to pick up on some of the keywords that they may be dropping. Have they mentioned previous experience with countertop point of purchase displays? This is a clear indication that they have used them before, and probably will again. On the opposite side of that coin, if you are in the store and notice that there is unused space on the countertop, mention it to the retailer and take that space for your brand!

Has the retailer contact mentioned that they have a small store or limited floor space available? This is the perfect opportunity to mention that your product will work well on the countertop! If they mention a cluttered store, or a large volume of merchandise already being featured, then you want to push for that countertop placement as it will highlight your brand over all the others.

  1. How many different SKUs do you have?

A custom countertop point of purchase display is compact and efficient. If you have a low number of unique SKUs, then it is definitely the right choice. A floor display will look empty and underutilized, whereas the very physical nature of the countertop display emphasizes a brand with fewer SKUs.      

  1. Do you have visually stunning graphics for your brand?

Think about what makes consumers consider adding more products to their shopping cart. A customer is unlikely to engage with something that is bland, or that they have to move out of their way to grab. A retailer will recognize sensational graphics and is more likely to offer that prime placement if you qualify. Utilizing a customer countertop display in this way will help you secure the best spot in the store and therefore will drive your sales even higher than something that is lost in the crowd of the store or something that looks like you bought it stock.

  1. Custom Countertop PoP Displays are cost effective.

One of the most exciting features of the custom countertop PoP display is its relative cost to its big brothers that free stand on the floor. If your product boasts a low retail price, then you want to consider its relative worth to the display on which it is featured. This refers back to the first consideration of your product’s value. A lower cost product should have a relatively lower cost display.

So what does this mean for you, the victorious brand that needs a Point of Purchase display? Choosing to invest in a custom countertop PoP display will help you secure prime placement in your retail locations; it will also allow you to bring the image of your brand to real life. Qualifying your product for a custom countertop display is as simple as asking yourself four questions and then committing to investing in your brand’s success.



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